Friday, March 20, 2009

a miss Called from...from...!

I received a miss called number 675543x on 19/32009 8.44PM. I was busy on working, and I put my phone in silent mode. After I finished my work then I check out my phone, and I call back. Wish to know who looking for me. Then I get know it was PIZZA hut call to me? But I did not make any order from them. =.="

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I the PASS Comprehensive...

Waiting about three months, then the result was came out. So happy when I saw my transcript. I was PASS with grade B. NOT show off... but share about my happiness here.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Comprehensive.... WoW.... it PASS!!! Waiting for my result....-,-

This comprehensive... is a exam to us. It also a challenge to us.

We need served two dishes each for two portion within three hour.

1st course is either soup or appetizer. 2nd course is a main course.
Main course meat item is draw lots. Which is either beef striploin, lamb rack, chicken breast or mixed seafood (fish fillet, mussels, scallop, squid) . Draw with your luck.

This is my 1st course.

Carrot Cream Soup served with Baked Tomato.

The red color things in the center is tomato

Served before touch up with few drops of cream

2nd course main course.

Pan-sear Lamb Rack marinated with Mix Herbs,
served with Saute seasonal greens,
and Layonnaise potato,
Accompanied with Orange Rosemary Brown Sauce.

Seasonal Greens include (Snow pea, Green zucchini, Baby carrot, Baby corn)

Layonnaise is slice potato saute with slice onion

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Our EC

This is our Event Catering (EC). It also a project, which is run by ourselves. From design menu, marketing, costing, management,and etc. Through this EC we can learn a lot of things, such as... team work of a team is important in the kitchen.

Below is my teammate:

Here is our EC menu on sale. 4 course meal per pax $29nett. Include 1 Appetizer, 1 Soup, 1 sherbet, 1 Main course, and 1 Dessert.

After you get order... the waiter will get you this bread as entree... for warm up your stomach... and you don't felt that hungry when wait for appetizer.

I don't know what is this name called... what I can get for you is.... it taste like a butter bun... on top with cheese...

1st course will be Appetizer:

Prawn cake served with tangy sauce, and mesclun salad accompanied with balsamic dressing.

2nd course Soup:

Winter melon soup

This is the sherbet, a passion fruit sherbet. Sherbet is a entree before you having main course. Sherbet is for you to awake your taste bud. And also help you clear your mouth taste before.

3rd course Main course:

Surf and Turf, Pan sear salmon served with cream ragu and chicken roulade served with chrysanthemum sauce

4th course Dessert:

Mango mousse

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

"TRANSFORMERS 2" revealed now !!!

Global Warming VS Traditional

Even the ROBOT care about it also...
By saving the earth from the Global Warming.
At the same time...
How to maintaining of some traditional?